T-bone and Porterhouse Steaks are cuts of beef consisting of a T-shaped bone with meat on either side. The larger side referred to as the “New York Strip”, whereas the smaller side is called the tenderloin. T-bones and Porterhouse Steaks are finely suited to fast, dry heat cooking conditions, such as broiling and/or grilling. But due to their lack of much collagen, longer cooking times are not necessary in order to tenderize the meat. The USDA says that tenderloin must be at least ½ inch (13 mm) thick for the steak to be classified a T-bone. The US Department of Agriculture also states that tenderloin must be at least 1.25 inches (32 mm) thick at its widest to be classified as a Porterhouse.

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Due to their larger size and the fact that they contain meat from two of the most prized beef cuts, the short loin and the tenderloin, T-bone steaks are considered to be one of the highest quality steaks, as you can easily see when you glance at the price at any restaurant. Porterhouse steaks are of even higher value due to their larger tenderloin.

Texas Tip: T-bones and Porterhouse Steaks are finely suited to fast, dry heat cooking conditions, such as broiling and/or grilling.

T-Bone Special

Bring your steakhouse favorites home with this incredible Omaha Steaks package! We’ve featured our plate-busting T-Bone Steaks and juicy, juicy Ribeyes here – two of the most popular cuts for serious steak eaters.

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Classic T-Bone Dinner

Ladies and gentlemen, start your appetites! This timelessly impressive steakhouse dinner includes two of the biggest T-Bones you’ve ever seen, each carved by a master Omaha Steaks butcher from the finest grain-fed All-American beef.

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Private Reserve T-Bone

Our Private Reserve T-Bones are one of our most talked about steaks. A juicy Strip Sirloin on one side and a tender Filet on the other, you’re getting two great steaks in one! Private Reserve T-Bone is like none you’ve ever experienced.

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2 (18 ounce) T-Bones

When you’re looking for a grilling sensation, the Omaha Steaks T-Bone is a traditional favorite of serious steak fans. It’s a whole bone-in Strip Sirloin, plus a portion of tender Filet Mignon all in one generous cut.

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Family Value Combo

Please the whole family with The Family Value Combo. This assortment features all your family favorites including our world-famous Filet Mignons, beefy Top Sirloins, versatile Chicken Breasts, juicy Omaha Steaks Burgers and deli-style Gourmet Franks!

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6 Filet Mignons

Can you ever get too much of a good thing? If you’re talking about Omaha Steaks T-Bones, we think not! So now you can enjoy even more of the true steak lover’s fantasy… an amazing 24 oz. T-Bone.

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